Plantium 2019 Farm Investment

There is still time to invest by the Acre with Plantium Farms for 2019  but time is running out. Accredited Investors only please. 

Want to Invest in Hemp Farming?

Indiana Hemp Farming

Plantium Farms Has secured 110 acres of prime farm land spread across 5 farms.  Want to know more?

Plantium Farms has secured  up to 110 acres of Prime Hemp Farm spread across five locations.  Utilizing Key genetics for maximum CBD production.  Want to learn more?

Oregon Hemp Farming


Plantium Farms has 75 Acres from its 2018 investment already paid for and is preparing to expand the 2019 season.  

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Kentucky Hemp Farming


Plantium Farms has gain access to a special licensee in Kentucky and is actively looking for the right partners in farming.

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California Hemp Farming


Platinum Farms is in talks with local farmers looking to expand into Hemp.  For custom programs and more information contact us.

Colorado Hemp Farming


Plantium Farms is preparing to enter into Colorado.

Nevada Hemp Farming


Plantium Farms is preparing to enter into the Nevada Hemp Market


It Starts With the Seed

Farming Philosophy


Plantium Farms uses the highest level of Genetics from across the globe for its farming Efforts to ensure the highest quality Biomass available. We understand the importance of every step in the process from the seed selection, to the manufacturing of finished products. Plantium Believes that everything the body needs comes from the earth and if we Fuel the Body by Nature, the body will do what it was intended to do.

Seed-We only use certified seeds and look for the perfect seed to fit the farming environment. It is not just about putting a seed in the ground with some water, it is about understanding the Seed and what it needs to thrive into a vibe-rent happy Plant.   Our team tries to fit the right seed to the growing cycle of the area, taking all aspects into consideration.    Our team of experts has grown sense 2018 season to ensure stronger healthier plants. 

Soil-We look for farming partners that only use Organic practices, rich soil, and respect the earth to ensure that crop after crop the plant continues to meet or exceed our vigorous standards. We farm with support plants to keep the earth rich with what it needs from minerals to water, as well as developing nutrition plans off of soil samples with the goal of creating the biggest yields possible. 

Water-We look for farms with not just great water, but proper pH levels for the plant to drink and be marry. The better the environment the better chance the plant has to thrive.  we partner with experts to plan he proper nutrition plan from water to Our farm shown below has a water that averages 63 Degrees and plenty of it. The pH is perfect, and the current crop is growing at a good inch per day. The temperature helps protect the plant when it gets cold allowing the plant to flourish in the late stages of the season. 

Harvest-This step can make or break the crop.  Timing the right seed to the possible weather threats is the first step, then taking in to consideration, harvest planing,  drying, storing, and transportation to its final destination start from day one. 

2019 Investment:

Plantium offers a by acre program where accredited investors can invest by the acre allowing a lower barrier to enter the Hemp Industry.  To lower the risks of farming the company utilizes and Aggregate approach by the acre.  Farming can be risky, so the company has utilizes its past experiences to lower the risk by hedging.   If you are or believe that you are an accredited investor and want to learn more please contact us. 

Looking to Invest in Hemp Farming?

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Plantium Farms 2018

Plantium Farms has 75 Acres ready to plant again in 2019.  Want to be part of the expansion?  Email us for interest.