About Us

The Starting Material and Lab

19% CBD Hemp Seeds

To created the perfect Oils and Isolates it starts with the highest quality Biomass.  We source nearly all of our Biomass from our own farms to ensure the they are grown under Organic Standards and fit our rigorous qualifications.   If it does not meet or exceed our needs it is sold on the market. 

Our new Labs is set to pass the highest level of  clean room ISO certifications for Pharmaceutical standards.  Our manufacturing is in line to achieve GMP certifications from the start to follow our current standards in place with our current Lab Partners. 

Extraction Methods and Team


Our team of expert extractors have over 20 years combined experience in extracting the most pure essential oils.  Utilizing customized methods and equipment, the new expansion brings endless possibilities.   These methods will help pioneer the future not only in the current market, but support Plantium's planed research and development in to Autoimmune Disease.

It is not just about putting Biomass into a machine you need to take the properly cared for Biomass process the right amount for the right period of time under the right pressures, temperatures, and setting.  This takes years of refining the SOP's till they are 100%.  Then the continual evolution of methods to continually improve as science evolves within the industry. 

Oils and Isolates


Our oils range from raw oils high in plant matter to 99+% Isolates and water soluble products.  We process all of our oils for our products and hold our finished goods to the highest of standards as we truly believe if you give the body the cleanest purest fuel it will do the rest. 

Our ability to isolate and manipulate the molecules is key to allowing us to reach our Pharmaceutical goals. 

We have the ability to customize some oils for customers due to our extensive team and processing abilities. 

We are currently looking heavily into new technologies and sources for the nutrients and molecules the body needs to achieve homeostasis.  

Plantium Labs CBD Production

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